Strategic Technologies, Inc. began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, in 1987, and quickly achieved success.

STI captured public attention as a member of the prestigious Aladon network – a global affiliation of 30 firms licensed by Aladon Ltd., Lutterworth, U.K., to perform Reliability-centered Maintenance II (RCM 2) training, consultation and related services.

Throughout the Americas, STI began to show clients how to optimize performance, achieve competitive advantages and enhance profitability for a significant return on investment. Clients from nearly every industry responded enthusiastically to the STI offering—a response that continues in even greater measure today.

 STI Is Your Partner
In Lasting Improvement

“Over the years, we’ve developed productive relationships with many organizations–helping to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in profit improvement worldwide”.

 ” We want to build upon this success — to develop an equally rewarding, mutually beneficial partnership with you and your firm.”

Alan Katchmar – President, STI

STI’s RCM 2 instructors and consultants have been personally trained and certified in RCM 2 by Aladon Managing Director John Moubray, author of the book Reliability-centered Maintenance. STI and the Aladon network have trained more than 60,000 individuals and helped companies to apply RCM 2 in over 80 countries.

Over the years, STI has focused on Physical Asset Management, Documentation Reduction as well as Performance Improvement. STI remains committed to creating new solutions, services and training approaches to satisfy client needs and keep pace with growing market demand.