Specialized Services

a. Consulting

STI professionals bring comprehensive, client-centered solutions in the areas of Physical Asset Management, Documentation Reduction as well as Performance Improvement directly to the organizational environment. As part of this process, STI develops strong, effective and lastingtmp28A0 relationships with clients – relationships based on mutual respect, quality and trust. Consulting solutions include customized project support and implementation assistance, along with highly interactive presentations and courses that complement related programs and services. This approach produces outstanding benefits and lasting improvement.

b. Training 

Courses encourage organizations to “think in an innovative way” leading to competitive advantages, bottom-line impact and lasting improvement.

STI’s certified instructors travel to client locations worldwide. They provide various types of courses and “competency-based training,” which includes the highly structured series of RCM 2 courses.

STI presents the introductory RCM 2 course at conference facilities in major cities to enable senior management to understand what RCM 2 is and how it works in practice. Content is particularly suited for plant managers and others responsible for physical assets — maintenance managers, engineering managers, production managers, operations managers and those accountable for safety and environmental integrity.

Courses on additional topics are also available. You can contact us and tell us about your particular needs.