“Attaining company goals by accomplishing the right work at the right time with the right resources”.

inspectionThis concise statement is what STI’s Performance Improvement approach is all about.

Achieving this goal however, is not as easy as it may appear.

Achieving this goal represents a formidable challenge for all organizations, whether their strategic focus is on maintaining a competitive edge, ensuring corporate survival or generating increasingly higher levels of profitability, product quality or customer service.

STI partners with clients to develop and implement the:

Performance Improvement Process Flow – (pdf file)

First STI Conducts a Business Analysis to determine how current resources (People, Skills, Systems and Equipment) align with strategic direction and goals (Identify opportunities for improvement).

Then STI Develops and Executes a Strategic Path Forward using the Business Analysis to identify areas of opportunity, best processes, and strategies. STI combined with client participation determines client-centered solutions and Implements them for optimal success to ensure lasting improvement.