Business Analysis

Conduct Business Analysis 

Tailored to client needs, a Business Analysis may cover an entire organization or just a plant, department or specific process. A Business Analysis considers an organization’s operational status, long and short-term goals and strategic plans.

A Business Analysis assesses key areas: menOnStairs

  •  Information Effectiveness
  • Cultural Orientation
  • Resource Utilization
  • Behavioral Patterns

The Business Analysis is critical to the effective development of organizational processes, methods and strategies. Its structured approach involves establishing a baseline model by:

  •  Analyzing representative samples of historical information
  • Assessing supervisory skills and practices
  • Conducting anonymous perception surveys involving all organizational levels
  • Interviewing management, field sales personnel and key customers
  • Reviewing all aspects of the “Management Cycle” ( Plan, Implement, Follow-up, Report)
  • Evaluating work place performance

The Business Analysis enables STI to identify reasons for performance gaps in Productivity levels, Standards Accuracy, Work In Process levels, Production Variances, Asset Utilization, Workforce Skills, Quality Levels, Safety and Environmental Compliance and other impediments to profitability.