RCM 2 Features

RCM 2 emphasizes the importance of satisfying user expectations – a factor that distinguishes it from other less-rigorous interpretations of the established RCM philosophy. 

Another distinguishing factor is RCM 2’s use of cross-functional review groups – composed of users and maintenance personnel. With careful training, these groups use RCM 2 to produce robust asset management programs – even in situations where little or no historical data are available. 

An exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly process, RCM 2: 

  • Enables maintenance staff to respond quickly and positively to a rising tide of business expectations. These include higher plant availability and equipment reliability, better and more consistent product quality, greater safety and environment integrity and enhanced cost effectiveness.
  • Recognizes that new production technologies require new maintenance solutions — especially complex advanced technologies, which make extensive use of electronics, pneumatics and hydraulics or embody high levels of built-in-but-still-fallible protection.
  • Acknowledges the importance of new maintenance technology (especially condition monitoring) as well as a continuing need for some traditional forms of maintenance.
  • Reduces routine workloads when applied to existing preventive-maintenance programs – while enabling the development of advanced programs for new equipment — with remarkable speed, confidence and precision.
  • Recognizes that successful maintenance requires full understanding and cooperation between providers and users of a maintenance service — and gives all parties a common terminology and values to facilitate results.
  • Bases maintenance strategies on a broader, deeper and more precisely defined view of the operating context of equipment than any other technique – while embodying all the technically and organizationally valid elements of HAZOP and TPM.

A major strength of RCM 2 is that it provides an effective step-by-step approach for tackling all issues simultaneously – and for involving everyone in the process. The result is: 

  • Greater safety and environmental integrity
  • Improved operating performance
  • Greater maintenance cost-effectiveness
  • Longer useful life of expensive items
  • A comprehensive database of RCM 2 information
  • Enhanced teamwork and motivation

RCM 2 Yields Results Quickly 

If correctly focused and applied, RCM 2 reviews can pay for themselves in a matter of months and sometimes even weeks. Reviews transform both the perceived maintenance requirements of the physical assets used by an organization and the way in which the maintenance function as a whole is seen. The result is more cost-effective, more harmonious and much more successful maintenance.