RCM 2 Toolkit Software

STI offers a software package called the RCM 2 Toolkit. This package is designed to support RCM 2 facilitators by providing a central database for storing and sorting information generated by RCM 2 review groups. It can also be used to generate a wide variety of reports including RCM 2 worksheets in standard formats and work packages sorted by task interval and skill set. Network and stand-alone versions are available, and the package runs on any IBM-compatible PC using either Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 95/8, Windows 2000 or Windows NT. The RCM 2 Toolkit was developed on Aladon’s behalf by Dr. Mark Horton of Information Science Consultants Ltd. 

Licenses to use this software are available to organizations that employ at least one facilitator who has successfully completed the facilitator competency development process. (RCM 2 databases should only be populated with data gathered by people who have had at least this much training in the underlying philosophy of RCM.)