STI Consulting

Transferring Technologies for Significant Results 

STI provides comprehensive, client-centered solutions that transfer technologies in the areas of Physical Asset Management, Documentation Reduction as well as Performance Improvement directly to the organizational environment.

Solutions reinforce concepts, which STI addresses in a series of highly structured training courses that help organizations achieve new levels of success.

consultingAs part of this process, STI develops strong, effective and lasting relationships with clients – relationships based on mutual respect, quality and trust. This winning approach produces outstanding benefits and results in both the short and long-term.

Working closely with STI professionals, organizations will apply technologies correctly and confidently, deriving the highest level of benefit. For the RCM 2 process, STI consultants help ensure that facilitators, review groups and RCM 2 auditors apply RCM 2 correctly. This type of support forms part of the “Facilitator Competency Development” process.

STI is committed to helping clients meet their project goals and deadlines. Consulting services include helping managers to assess the type and amount of resources needed to implement RCM 2 or other approaches, create project plans, monitor progress throughout implementation and quickly evaluate and demonstrate results.

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